About us

JSC LANGŲ BROKERIS is a BROKER of window manufacturers and their Customers (natural/legal persons) in Lithuania and the EU. We help our Customers to choose window manufacturer quickly, qualitatively and handily. The only work our Customers need to do is to express their wishes and opportunities. All the rest we will do for you!

You do not need to waste your valuable time and expend additional resources when choosing windows. Our specialists will advise you on all issues of windows complete set and promptly provide you with a systemized material of window manufacturer offers. You will only need to choose the most attractive window manufacturer’s offer and continue to cooperate directly with the manufacturer. We cooperate with window manufacturers, which have long-lived experience; therefore we can guarantee the quality of their production.

Trust us with your wishes and opportunities and we will surprise you with qualitative services expedition!


Promptly collect material of window manufacturer offers, systematize it and provide to our Customer. Finished material of window manufacturer offers reaches our Customer within 10 working days. From received proposals it is available to select the most favorable one according to the production date.


Within a short time our Customer receives whole feasible amount of window manufacturer offers. Probably for the same price one of the manufacturers offers a better complete set or more services.


Entrusting his needs to us, our Customer not only saves his time and extra costs, but also can choose from many offers submitted by window manufacturers, according to their price.